Buildstone is always up for challenges and takes pride in finding the best solutions that make you stand out. Whether a governmental, residential, institutional, educational, or commercial building assignment, we add more value than you expect. Buildstone offers an abundance of construction expertise, cost-effectiveness, profitability, transparency, and dedication, maintaining every safety measure under our radar.


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Builstone knows how to succeed: dedication, timeliness, and excellence, as well as competence, comprehension, and a safeguarding attitude; regardless of the industry, we have it all. We constantly produce great results for our respected clients by taking a hands-on, personalized approach to Real estate projects.

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The capacity to create innovative construction solutions, an unbroken focus on providing value, and the ability to use innovation to confront rising challenges and keep you ahead.

Collaborating with Buildstond means obtaining an established, trustworthy, and respected comprehensive partner with a mobile network of specialists and professionals, whether in Civil, Mechanical, Real Estate, Supply, or Project Management. Buildstone is the emerging leader in this industry, from sophisticated digital building technology to revolutionary off-site adaptable manufacturing to the leading edge of sustainable construction.

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Builstone's primary expertise has been heavy mechanical and plumbing construction over the years, which is why we exist and perform what we do best.


Preconstruction, general contracting, building information modeling, land development, construction management, engineering, sustainability, and self-performed scopes of work are among Builstone's capabilities.


We have expertise in supply and keeping the flow of resources utilized to meet the demand, such as materials, labor, knowledge, skills, and soon.


From conception to conclusion, project management entails leading and arranging each stage of the project life cycle. But at Buildstone, we do much more than that. We have expertise in managing several projects even after their completion. One such project is the management of Hatirjheel. Hatirjheel is a lakeside in Bangladesh's capital, Dhaka. It was a slum area before 2009, but it has now been renovated into a recreational space as well as a traffic-relieving alternative. From Buildstone, we thoroughly look after the whole infrastructure, including road structure, restoration, renovation, beautification, damage correction, and so on. We are responsible for security, electrification, vegetation, gardening, entertainment facilities, and cleanliness. For thirteen years, Buildstone has been the trusted company in this regard. On the other hand, we are also looking after the vital railroad functions, mainly in Kamlapur, the airport, and the Dhaka-to-Chittagong railroad. From cleanliness to security, maintenance to electrification, we took the challenge of living up to the expectations of the Bangladesh Government for the project management assignment of these busiest railways. To maximize the quality of safety and security, we have established Red Force, a competent security service company where responsible individuals work day and night to ensure the safe movement of city dwellers.


Constructing and sustaining oil and gas pipeline infrastructure is a monumental task, but Buildstone has the competence, skills, and facilities to handle every requirement in a time- efficient and cost-effective manner. Our team of experts has worked on some of the largest oil and gas pipeline construction projects, laying miles and miles of pipelines in intricate landscapes as well. We provide it all, from R&D to distribution to mainstream projects and maintenance. Our excavating expertise enables us to decrease congestion disturbances and diversify utilities and communications services in one trench, in urban and rural environments. We use sophisticated instruments in distant regions to swiftly move soil and carve through stones. We are always aiming to provide creative solutions that balance the demands.


While conducting the RCC pipeline project, we kept in mind that reinforced concrete pipes are made using a centrifugal spinning technique that includes a mechanical mixer, concrete, and a reinforcing cage that runs the length of the pipe barrel. We provide RCC Pipeline Service and have completed laying a 15-kilometer long, 300-mm diameter high cross-country water pressure pipeline with cathodic protection and the building of RCC pipe supports. We have ensured effluent discharge in sewerage systems, stormwater drainage, and rising mains for water supply with suitable RCC pipes. This service is offered by well-trained specialists who follow industry standards. Our clients highly respect this service because of its precision and promptness.


We, Buildstone, have established our roots in the construction of roads and bridges. We have built and maintained hundreds of miles of roadway across the region, from access roads to national highways. Our crew has expertise in dealing with end-product standards. We also have expertise in grading, aggregate production, granular base course placement, paving, bridge construction, and steel structures. Our highway and bridge maintenance team holds long-term contracts covering thousands of kilometers of the route. We provide services in the design of crack filling, spray patches, line painting, road inspections, signs, guardrails, erosion control, and vegetation control in this sector.


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To us, a promise is everything. As an emerging leader in this growing industry, we stand out in quality and design, keeping your comfort in mind


Builders come and go, but you can depend on Buildstone to see you not just through but also beyond the construction process.


One thing that distinguishes us is how we strategize each assignment


Buildstone is committed to designing and implementing operations safely, keeping everyone's health and wellbeing in mind.


Buildstone adopts environmentally sustainable approaches to every project. We continuously fine-tune our process, utilizing ingenious technologies to decrease waste and effectively manage resources.

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We deploy a wide variety of operations to increase the quality, productivity, and efficiency of construction materials, equipment, labor, and management

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Buildstone is a fast-growing construction company and the precursor of strong and invincible construction. From the beginning of 2001, we have been constructing roads, bridges, railway tracks, commercial buildings, GRP pipeline, PCCP pipeline, oil and gas steel pipeline, ship terminals, steel fabricated constructions, RCC sewer pipeline, ductile cast iron pipeline, pits, and reinforced cement concrete works, project management, and many distinguishable infrastructures. We are the fast movers in Bangladesh in introducing the RP Pipeline. From research to bridging the best materials offshore, Buildstone has thrived in creating a modern approach with cutting-edge technology in the infrastructure sector. Believers in compliance, accuracy, commitment, and dedication, we are the leaders of tomorrow.

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