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Overview of Buildstone

Buildstone has you covered for anything from simple renovations to massive million-dollar projects, from modular construction to innovative digital technology to cutting-edge sustainability. We understand that infrastructure benefits everyone by elevating communities, providing access, and preserving the environment. That is why we're devoted to administering our company with the utmost integrity and continually striving for improvement, whether lowering emissions, adding social value, or integrating our senior leadership and workforce.

Buildstone takes pride in being certified at three ISO levels, which help us provide you transparency, accuracy, and excellence. The ISO 9001:2015 certification recognizes our ability to provide you with the international standard quality management system (QMS). On the other hand, the certificate of ISO 14001:2015 has provided us with the globally recognized environmental standard. We outline every project to manage the impact on the environment and any living creatures that come into contact with our assignments. Nonetheless, we are uncompromising when it comes to health and safety. That is why we have become ISO 45001:2018 certified to be more innovative in providing realistic solutions for improving employee and other personnel safety and health.

Mr. Ahmed Hossain Chowdhury


Born in 1951, Mr. Ahmed Hossain Chowdhury was an established and well-respected leader in the construction industry. Following in his father’s footsteps, Mr. Ahmed Hossain carried on the legacy of Expo Traders, which was founded by his father, Mr. Abdul Goni Chowdhury. Due to his distinct personality, dedication, and hard work, he became a main contractor and supplier for numerous government sectors, including Bangladesh Railway, LGED, and Bangladesh Customs. Buildstone Construction Company Ltd. (BCCL), which was incorporated in 2018, later created a great pathway to establish Buildstone Construction Company Ltd. 

Being optimistic, Mr. Ahmed Hossain Chowdhury always knew Bangladesh’s capacity in construction fields. He identified potential growth prospects in constructing roads, motorways, pipelines, and other major infrastructure. Through his vision, he had contributed to the economy and infrastructure of the country throughout his whole life. 

Loved by all his workers, employees, and family members, Mr. Ahmed Hossian Chowdhury breathed his last on June 14th, 2018, due to Type II respiratory failure. However, his lessons and philosophy will always be remembered and followed. 

Associate Companies

Expo Traders Ltd.

House: 28, Mymensingh Lane, Bangla Motor, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.

One of the most well-known stockbrokers and C&F auctioneers, Expo Traders Limited, is all of these and more. Being a member of the Dhaka Stock Exchange, Expo Traders Limited has been conducting its business haughtily since 1973. Respectfully, Expo Traders have been trading through their accounts and dealing with the shares of top-notch companies. Expo Traders is one of the most recognizable companies known for its transparency, integrity, and determination in the stock exchange world. 


B. B. Corporation

Pladinum Market, Plot no 1, road no-95, Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212.

One of the most substantial sister concern companies is B.B. Corporation. For several years, we have been the trusted companion for prominent government projects. With an incomparable reputation, B.B Corporation has been consistently helping the Bangladesh government with high-quality materials, a proficient workforce, and cutting-edge solutions to make the vision a reality.


Bits & Brushes

Pladinum Market, Plot no 1, road no-95, Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212.

Bits and Brushes is a full-fledged maintenance management company where we take absolute pride in our house of expertise. Through this organization, we proudly carry the responsibility of cleaning, security, electrification, vegetation, and several other factors to maintain Hatirjheel so that people can easily move around here. For several years now, Bits and Brushes have been continuously working tirelessly to keep the cleanliness of Dhaka-to-Chittagong railway station. 


Red Force Security Services

Pladinum Market, Plot no 1, road no-95, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212.

We do not limit ourselves to maintaining programs only; our motto is to build a substantial corporation that can ensure safety for people from all walks of life. Red Force Security Services is where we design safety strategies, create a workforce, and provide security accordingly. Our trained security service custodians have been excelling in their responsibility since the commencement of Red Force.

Aristo Services Ltd.

Export-Import & Supply Chain, Construction Farm And Fast Class Contractor.

Address: 158-160 Motijhil, B/A Adhumita Building Suit (Lavel 7) Dhaka-1000.

With Aristo Services Limited, we are marking our significance in the export-import industry. Our main emphasis is on importing and exporting excellent construction supplies as well as other materials and resources internationally. We are a group of skilled professionals with extensive expertise in market research, client management, sourcing, contracting, and consulting.


Chicilon Jet Printing Advertising (BD.) Co. Ltd.

Address: Bashoti Condominium, Flat# C 9-10, House# 15, Road# 17, Banani C/A, Dhaka-1213

EMail:- chicilonbangladesh@yahoo.com.

Chicilon Jer Printing Advertising BD. Co. Limited is a company that is constantly growing in digital printing, outdoor advertising, and event management. At all times, we work to make your brand noticeable and apparent. Our outdoor advertising services include billboards, atmospheric media, and mobile branding. Our Events Management Department is one of the well-decorated ones that accelerates organizing any event amazingly. 


Hayati Soft Corporation

Ga-150, Mahakhali, Dhaka-1212.

Increasing our presence in the world of information technology, Hayati Software is not just an average IT business company. We are the developers of the future. Hayati is outshining all other regional IT companies and thriving in the international market, from software to hardware. We are also an expert supplier of top-notch IT resources. We aim to use our skills and capabilities to give regional and international clients high-quality IT solutions.



Khazana Food & Beverages Ltd.

Address: Floor: 1, House: 28, Mymensingh Lane, Bangla Motor, Dhaka-1000

One of the fastest-growing conglomerates in Bangladesh, Khazana Food & Beverage has a multinational heritage due to its operations worldwide. Primarily, Khazana works to manufacture several kinds of nuts such as cashews, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, and so on. On the other hand, we are one of the largest producers of fruit pulp in Bangladesh, ranging from mango, banana, pineapple, etc., along with producing dry fruits. 


Corporate Social Responsibility