Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) sheet pile

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FRP sheet pipes are an engineered material used in chemical processing, pulp & paper, and power production. That is why Buildstone's FRP crew specializes in bespoke manufacturing, installation, restorations, and inspections. We recognize the individuality of the conditions. We would like to collaborate closely with you to provide services tailored to your individual needs. We have got you covered, from planning, engineering, and manufacturing to on-site installation, erection, and maintenance services. Engineered Composite Solutions are a robust and dependable alternative for challenging settings' structural demands. In addition to FRP solutions, we have extensive expertise in dealing with various engineered composites. These materials include vinyl ester resins, polyester resins, furan resins, silica carbide additive resins, fiberglass-reinforced additive resins, and conductive additives.