Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Pipeline

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For the first time in Bangladesh, Buildstone Construction has brought the GRP pipeline that has changed the whole structure of sewer pipes. Using hydraulic modeling and design, we have built a new GRP stormwater pipe from Hotel Radisson to the existing Pit-01 at the junction of Airport Road and Pragati Soroni. With specific pipes of 2.3 diameters, we have revolutionized this project that has given high strength and durability,  time-efficiency, and long-term productivity. The best part of our GRP pipeline project is that the pipes have more than 50 years of lifespan with zero maintenance. Not only that, to make this project a unique one, we have only used GRP pipes that are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, leakage-free, and hydraulically efficient. We take pride in being the pioneers of moving Bangladesh toward modern construction, and the GRP pipeline project has opened this door for us.